Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chicken Biryani Recipe

Rice  1/2 kilogram
Beef/mutton/chicken  1/2 kilogram
Ginger (adrak)   20 grams
Butter (ghee)  125 grams
Tomato  200 grams
Curry powder (garam masala)  1 tsp
Curd  250 grams
Garlic (lassan)  1 tbsp
Onion  1/2 kilogram
Lemon  2
salt and additional spices  included as per your taste

How to cook biryani :

Firstly crush ginger and onion sepately finely, then clean required rice mentioned above and soak it in water for sometime.  Then while the rice is soaked do not waste time start chopping the meet as per you want its size to be and wash it.  After that heat the butter in a pan or degchi and fry the onion until it is golden brown. Seprate the onion from the butter and put it aside. Put the pieces of meat,salt,addtional spices,ginger and garlic and fry it (Bhoonna) on a low flame, after that put tomato in it and mix it, after 3 minutes put curd in it and cover it. While it is getting ready boil the rice in a seperate pan.  When the meet is finely cooked remove it from the stove and add curry powder (garam masala) and lemon juice. Now in a pan or degchi spread a layer of rice and put fried onion and cooked meat on it, then again a layer of rice. For a final touch keep it on (dam) that is keep it on very low flame for few minutes after that remove it from the stove put it in a dish garnish it.  Biryani is ready

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